The Aloft the Republic campaign is a fairly positive-outlook, traditional sci fi setting. Though not all is exactly rosy by default, the assumption is that in the end good will prevail, mankind will triumph, etc. But care must be taken lest Humanity’s capacity for darkness overwhelm it...

I hope for this to be both a great VBAM game, a source of Starmada-X tactical starship combat scenarios, and a lite baseline RPG setting.


Strategic game rules sources, terms, and guideline

Campaign System Rules

Optional and New Strategic game rules in use in my ongoing campaign


Each nation's listing includes history, description, politics, VBAM rules, and links to Government, Technologies, Military and Organizations, which include some Savage Worlds RPG rules as well.



  • Campaign Diary

    Year-by-year summary of the ongoing Strategic game campaign, which can be used as meta information for any RPG set in the game universe.
  • Timeline

Historical Battles

Savage Worlds RPG Elements